2012 Videos

The videos of DeployCon 2012 is not available in the Rishidot Research Youtube Channel. The videos are embedded below for your convenience.

Please Note: All the videos are released under Creative Commons under attribution. Please feel free to share the videos on your web properties with a link back to DeployCon website.

Introduction and State of the PaaS Chat

Opening Keynote: The Waking Giant: The Coming Era of Enterprise-Ready PaaS by Mike Hoskins

Keynote: PaaS – Fit For The Enterprise? by Jonathan Murray

Panel: Deriving value from PaaS – Enterprise expectations

Keynote: Innovation and the Cloud, Thoughts on Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going by A. D. “Bud “Albers

Panel: Hosted PaaS Vs Private PaaS

Keynote: Complex Adaptive Systems by James Urquhart

Panel: Single Language Vs Polyglot Platforms

Panel: PaaS Security and Privacy

Panel: Future of PaaS