About Us


The idea for Deploycon conference came during a late night Twitter discussion between Krishnan Subramanian (Principal Analyst at Rishidot Research), Sinclair Schuller (CEO, Apprenda) and Jared Wray (CTO, Tier 3). During our discussion, we were expressing our disappointment with other conferences not dedicating enough time for discussions on Platform as a Service (PaaS), even though we strongly believe that PaaS is the future of Cloud Services. We then decided over the course of conversation that it is time for an exclusive conference on PaaS. The end result is Deploycon which is singularly focussed on increasing the PaaS adoption among the enterprises.

Deploycon aspires to be the premier vendor neutral conference on PaaS catering to business executives, IT and enterprise developers. We have a content advisory committee consisting of well known industry people including media and analysts. They are focussing hard on putting together an agenda catering to address the needs of enterprises considering PaaS for their IT needs.

Last year we ran the conference at New York with a focus on enterprise business leaders and IT. The conference was a great success and there were calls from developer community to host a event in the west coast. So, we have decided to alternate between New York and San Francisco. This year, we are hosting this event at Santa Clara on April 2nd, 2013.

Deploycon is an one day conference featuring Keynotes by industry heavyweights, panel discussions comprising of vendors and enterprise buyers and some demo/labs sessions. At the end of the day we hope to convince the attendees that PaaS is a credible option for enterprises and give them a flavor of what is available in the market today. We welcome you to join us for a day full of exciting discussions centered around PaaS.

Rishidot Research

Rishidot Research LLC is a next-gen analyst firm focussed on helping enterprises understand and decipher the fast changing computing landscape leading to the great computing convergence of cloud computing, social, mobile and big data. Organizations need a different mindset to compete in this fast changing landscape. Rishidot is here to help. For more information, please visit our website.

Advisory Board

Running a conference like Deploycon involves lot of planning and we areĀ fortunateĀ to have various experts in the field help us in the process. The advisors for Deploycon 2013 are listed below (in alphabetical order).

  • Alex Williams – Independent Analyst and Techcrunch reporter
  • Ben Kepes – Advisor, Investor and Founder, Diversity Limited.
  • Sam Charrington – Principal, Cloudpulse Strategies
  • Wendy White – Principal, Surge Marketing Group

There are numerous others in the PaaS space who are helping us from time to time. Without their help, we couldn’t have managed to run the conference.